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Choosing the right colour for your room

Gone are the days when the choice of paint colour was either white or magnolia.  You can now have paint made in any colour the eye can see.  So how do you go about choosing the right colour?

Well, there are a few principles to bear in mind.

– the lighter the colour, the larger the room will look.  So if you have a particularly small room, you should be looking for the whiter shade of pale variety.

– the darker the colour, the smaller the room will look.  Though of course the upside to dark colours (particularly the red shades) is that they can make the room look cosy.  But in any case, use dark colours with care.  If you really feel you must have a dark colour, why not put it on just one wall?

– don’t use large areas of strong colours if you are looking to sell your house.  Most buyers like to be able to imagine themselves living in the house that they are viewing.  It’s much easier for them to do this if you provide a blank canvas for their imagination to work on.

– do, however, use colour to add interest to a room.  So rather than paint a whole wall shocking pink, why not paint the wall in a creamy colour, and add some shocking pink artwork?

– if you’re really stuck on what colour to go for, have a look at the items in your room that you really like.  Do you have a favourite painting, ornament or cushion?  Could you use that as the basis for your new colour scheme?

Whatever colour you choose, your decorator is here to help make your room look beautiful.  I hope you enjoy the transformation.