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Mehki FilHello there.  My name is Mehki Fil and I’m the owner of Heaton Decorators. I’ve been a professional painter and decorator since 2008, working throughout Tyneside and south Northumberland.
Before that, I was the captain of a charter yacht in Turkey.  Being the captain of my own yacht meant I had to learn to do everything to maintain it, including all of the interior and exterior painting and decorating.
Yacht painting requires the highest standard of painting skills as the yachts need to not only look beautiful but they need to be able to stand up to the damage that salt water inflicts. And in the interior, even the tiniest spill on such expensive wood can cost a fortune to fix.
Unfortunately, I no longer have a yacht, but my experience as a yacht painter has made me careful, precise, and tidy, and I will take the same care with your home or business as I used to with my yacht.
The interior of my yacht
The interior of my yacht